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シリーズ 日本の美と音楽「ザ・マエストロ 光源氏」

シリーズ 日本の美と音楽「ザ・マエストロ 光源氏」


それが「シリーズ 日本の美と音楽」です。

Series: The Beauty and Sounds of Japan “The Maestro Hikaru Genji”

The series “the Beauty and Sounds of Japan” rediscovers the beauty of Japan through the world of sound

In the modern age, we live in an information-oriented society of dazzling speed. If only it were possible to stop and recall, through the ages, the sounds heard by Japanese people long ago... Rediscover the beauty of Japan through the world of sound through the three-dimensional structure of seeing, listening and learning. That is the essence of the “Series: The Beauty and Sounds of Japan.”

第1弾は、「ザ・マエストロ 光源氏」


The first event is “The Maestro Hikaru Genji”

“The Tale of Genji” can be read, not only as classical literature and as a romance novel, but also as a musical story. From the vast number of musical scenes strewn throughout all chapters of the tale, it is possible to glimpse the lifestyle of Heian aristocrats in which music held an unimaginably large significance, from the point of view of the common wisdom of the modern world. A picture scroll of Heian music that lets you travel through time back to the Heian period is finally here!
シリーズ 日本の美と音楽「ザ・マエストロ 光源氏」

《 出演者 》ベースプラン奏者3名 ほか 合奏プラン、雅楽オーケストラプランもあり

《 演奏曲目 》源氏物語の主要場面に著された曲目より
舞楽:左舞「青海波」せいがいは、右舞「落蹲」らくそん、ほか楽器紹介を兼ねて「相府蓮(想夫恋)」そうふれん など


《 Performers 》
Three performers according to the base plan. There is also a concert plan and an ancient Japanese court music plan
Tamami Tono (sho panpipes, Japanese harp), Shinichi Yachi (dragon flute), Yasumasa Tanaka (hichiriki flute, biwa Japanese lute)
Toshihiko Urahisa (MC)