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“The Jacobins International Piano Festival”

The pink city gets dyed in piano ~ the world’s most beautiful piano music festival

Toulouse is a city in the southwest of France. The beautiful brick townscape, which has existed since the Roman age, is affectionately known as “the pink city.” The “Jacobins International Piano Festival,” which has held been for nearly forty years for world-class pianists and piano fans at the Jacobins Church, a historical building in Toulouse, is finally coming to Japan on 2018!



Enjoy the charms of the piano, which surpass genre!

The music festival is attended by the world’s most lauded piano virtuosos, such as Fred Brendel, Martha Argerich, Mary Perahia and Lang Lang. The music festival’s concept is also extremely simple – the “Piano.” The piano festival brings together all types of pianists and piano lovers of all genres, including jazz and pops, in addition to classical.



<2018年 日本ツアー>
・5月30日(水)・31日(木) Hakujuhall(東京)
・6月2日(土)         鎌倉芸術館(鎌倉)
・6月9日(土)・10日(日)  サラマンカホール(岐阜)

後援(予定):在日フランス大使館、アンスティチュ・フランセ 協賛:パリ国立銀行

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Participate in true international, cultural exchange through the piano!

The aim of the “Jacobins Piano Music Festival” is to create a cultural community through the piano. The festival not only introduces young, European talent to Japan but also promotes cultural exchange by inviting young, Japanese talent to Europe. The festival also actively supports the development of local culture such as through domestic music festivals, music competitions and cooperation with local artists. A major appeal of the scale of the events is that is possible to make broad arrangements in accordance with requests and budgets of municipalities and performance halls.